The ELA Research Day is organized bi-annually as part of the EUROLOG by the European Logistics Association (ELA) in cooperation with a national member association. This year this is the Slovenian Logistics Association. Due to the pandemic situation it takes place as an online event. The ELA Research Day offers a platform for the presentation and discussion of actual research results that are relevant for Logistics/Supply Chain Management. The program is developed by the ELA Research Committee. It contains always a general part and a part focusing on regional aspects of the inviting  national logistics  association.

This year the general focus is on “New logistics technologies “. Often those are accompanied by a hype and their impact on logistics/supply chain management is not obvious. An acknowledged expert in this research field, Prof. René de Koster, will speak about “Promises and Failures of new logistics technologies”.His presentation will be followed by a panel discussion concerning the “Impact of new Technologies on Human Resources in Logistics/Supply Chain”.

The regional aspect covers “Logistics in the Balkan Region “ with the presentations of three acknowledged experts in this field of research. Prof. Dragan Cisic will speak about “Maritime Corridor in the context of the New Silk Road”, a topic not only relevant for European Logistics but also of geopolitical importance. The other two presentations concern the often neglected research of logistics in rural areas  Prof. Marija Bogotaj will speak about the “Challenges of Logistics in the Silver Economy” in this are. Prof. Andrej Lisec will speak about “Packaging and Short Supply Cains in Slovenian Organic Farming”.

Prof. Hans-Christian Pfohl Head of ELA Research Committee